Saturday, April 5, 2008

San Diego

San Diego is the southernmost coast city of California. It is also the third biggest city of the state e has a mild climate. Founded by the Spanish in the 18th century, it belongs to the United States since the 1850's and is very close to the border of Mexico.

The center of the city is compact and can be explored by foot. Trolleys and buses can be used to move around the city. I also used taxis during my visit to San Diego in March 2008, because the distances between the sites of interest are not very far.

The center of the city is being renovated in the last years with modern skyscrapers, but there are still large open spaces by the bay.

A bridge, high enough to allow the passing of large ships, links the continent the Peninsula del Coronado, which offers a natural protection for the port of San Diego.

The famous Hotel del Coronado is situated in the peninsula beside the beach. Founded in 1888 and with more than 700 rooms, the hotel keeps the high standards which have attracted famous guests for decades.

Beside the hotel, a villa was built recently along the beach, with the same architectural characteristics of the hotel.

The San Diego Zoo is among the best of the world. Below, we can see images of vicunhas, natural from the Andes, and a gorilla baby among the many species that can be seen.

The Seaworld of San Diego, besides presenting the traditional shows with dolphins and killer wales…

…has artificial habitats for some species like sharks, sea lions…

…penguins and flamingos, among a lot of other species of marine mammals, fishes and reptiles.

Next to the center of the city, the Seaport Village Mall is situated along San Diego bay. Its stores and restaurants are located in the open air, in a very pleasant environment.

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