Sunday, April 6, 2008


Anaheim is a city of the Orange County, California, where Walt Disney built his first great thematic park, the Disneyland, in 1955. In 2001, another park was built - the Disney's Adventure Park, beside the original one. Originally an orange plantation, now the parks are completely surround by the city.

The entrance to Disneyland is through Main Street - USA, which tries to reproduce an American town of the beginning of the 20th century with its typical constructions and stores.

At the end of Main Street we find the statues of Walt Disney and Mickey with the Sleeping Beauty's Castle in the background.

There are amusements for all ages like whirling around the Mad Tea Party or visiting Mickey's Toontown.

There are places that make the visitors believe he or she are somewhere else like the rivers of America or a little Alpine village.

For youngsters of all ages there is also the opportunity to meet and hug their favorite characters.

The attractions of Disney's California Adventure are mainly for adolescents and adults. At the entrance of the park there is a reproduction of the Golden Gate bridge.

The movie industry theme is found everywhere in the park.

The movie theme is present in stores, theatres and attractions like the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

The part of the park named Paradise Pier tries to reproduce the amusement parks of the California piers, like the one in Santa Monica. There we can find a giant roller coaster - the California Screaming - and a giant Ferris wheel - the Sun Wheel.

A visit to the Disney parks in Anaheim, California, will not disappoint the dedicated photographer or, as they try to make us believe, it can be a photographer's dream come true…

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