Friday, March 23, 2007

How to succeed in life?

My father once told me a story of an executive of a large firm that would spend most of the year planning an annual vacation of 15 days on paradisiacal resort close to a lake, where he used to go fishing.

During the vacation periods by the lake, the executive used to spot a man who seemed to share with him the same passion for fishing and probably the same passion for that resort. He imagined that both of them, coincidently, went on vacation on the same periods. One day the executive decided to introduce himself. He learned, then, that his fishing companion had lived all his life on the lake whereabouts. The executive then asked him if he had ever desired to have a career and succeed in life. The man answered that he would not know how to improve his life because he was already doing what he liked most: go fishing by the lake almost everyday of his life and not just 15 days per year.

Mixing the passion for photography with the pleasure of knowing new places and cultures is an irresistible combination for me. I would like to have more time available for voyages and photography. Unfortunately, my travel periods are short. Perhaps, as compensation, I am investing more and more time in planning new travels.

After having adopted the digital technology, the volume of captured images has increased considerably. As a result, the time needed to select and edit the best images has also increased, giving me a feeling of "extending" my travels.

Besides showing my images in exhibitions and video presentations, I decided to create this blog and present the images captured during my travels, forming an unpretentious photographic guide for those who wish to follow the same ways.

I do not know why, sometimes, I remember the story told by my father. Perhaps Christopher Morley(*) had the answer when he said: "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way".

(*) American journalist, novelist, poet, and playwright.

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