Saturday, February 2, 2008


It is impossible to dissociate the parks of Disneyworld from Orlando, Florida. In fact, many visitors do not even get to know the city, because they go directly to the Disney parks which have their own hotels.

The Magic Kingdom park was the first to be built in Florida. The Cinderella Castle stands out in the central region, at the end of Main Street USA (below at the left).

There are a lot of attractions to please children, young people and adults.

The giant Mickey's wizard apprentice hat from Fantasia stands out in Disney - MGM Studios park, which contains many attractions related the history of cinema. Suddenly, an imperial tank may get out of the forest or, during a blink of the eyes, you may be transported to the planet Tatooine.

There are also some examples of open air film scenarios like the streets of New York in the 1930's.

A gigantic geodesic dome stands out in Epcot park, where you can find reproductions of constructions and views from some countries: a "tropical" Paris, typical views of Morocco…

… a reproduction of the Square of San Marcos in Venice, a small German village, a Japanese pagoda…

… and, even, an Aztec pyramid: a breath taking marathon even for "los tres amigos".

The Disney parks in Orlando offer great opportunities for capturing images.